Our core sectors of expertise are brand, lead gen, business development, cybersecurity and brand protection and services aggregation.

"Breakaway, or break, in short, is when a small group of riders or an individual have successfully opened a gap ahead of the peloton."  
- Glossary of Cycling


Gaining the advantage and staying ahead of the pack takes more than just physical stamina. It takes timing, strategy, and the will to take a chance.  It also takes some working together, sometimes with outsiders, towards a common goal.

Breakaway Consulting was created to help organizations do just that…offering the talent needed to move you forward and position you to stay ahead. We are a unique combination of brand, lead gen, business development (and in this ever changing environment) cybersecurity and brand protection experts. We’ve also developed a network of vetted partners who can be brought onboard as necessity dictates.


Announcing our Cybersecurity/Reputation Management partnership with BorderHawk  

Client/Agency Services

Connections. Prospecting. Meeting Generation.

cybersecurity &

brand protection 

Protecting your brand and you.

branding &


From brand audits to vetting viable trends.



Connecting you with top service providers.

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Cybersecurity +

Reputation Management

SALUS' unique offering:

SALUS provides businesses with the means to protect their most critical assets in a cyber-attack scenario: 

Brand/Company & Personal Reputation